Toronto Pride Parade 2007, Part 2 (page 10/24)

[picture: Who are you?]

Who are you?

A marcher looks at me. In the background, a man wearing only shorts and beads.

[picture: Queer Brasil]

Queer Brasil

The woman on the right is carrying the flag of Brazil (Brasil, Rep├║blica Federativa do Brasil) with its motto, Ordem e Progresso. The men are wearing only shorts (and shoes and socks). A woman follows them wearing a purple boa; I can’t tell if she’s actually a male cross-dresser, a trans woman, a bio-woman or even a female [...] [more...]

[picture: People in the Parade]

People in the Parade

A man without a shirt brandishes a rainbow streamer; a girl with an orange and gray skirt and a green bra and purple beads does the same. Behind them a rainbow [...] [more...]

[picture: Spanish Flag]

Spanish Flag

This was in the Hispanic and Latin American group and is the flag of Spain. Behind is the flag of Portugal.

[picture: Two flags]

Two flags

Spain and Portugal

[picture: Spain and Portugal]

Spain and Portugal

A person presenting as female carries two flags.

[picture: Si]


Spanish and shirtless?

[picture: Pink underpants 1]

Pink underpants 1

An hispanic dancer, a man wearing only pink underpants and sandals. See also the next image.

[picture: Pink underpants 2]

Pink underpants 2

This person wears a hat, pink underpants and sandals, carries a red shoulder-bag, and has written on his upper chest the word Girl, and another word beneath it which is smudged, but maybe Power, giving Girl [...] [more...]

[picture: rainbow streamer]

rainbow streamer

A shirtless man waves a coloured streamer.

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