Toronto Pride Parade 2007, Part 2 (page 12/24)

[picture: oooh 3]

oooh 3

Here she is again.

[picture: Yellow and blue and very determined]

Yellow and blue and very determined

A person presenting as female, I think part of the Durham (Ontario) Club 717 group of marchers.

[picture: Green, blue and yellow hair]

Green, blue and yellow hair

Quite a hair-do!

[picture: Club 717]

Club 717

Club 717, a Queer club in Durham, Ontario, near Whitby and Oshawa.

[picture: White hat]

White hat

A person on the Club 717 float wears a white hat.

[picture: I kiss you]

I kiss you

A person on the Club 717 float presenting as female, blows me a kiss. She wears a tiara.

[picture: Bright hair]

Bright hair

Now that’s a hair-do!

[picture: 99.9 Mix FM]

99.9 Mix FM

An advert for a radio station.

[picture: Pride banners]

Pride banners

Various banners; I can’t read the first one, neither on the banner nor on the nearest person’s shirt. Behind are a number of banners promoting legalisng (or decriminalising) the recreational use of marijuana (the [...] [more...]

[picture: F2M?]


A person with clear facial hair and breasts, and sun-glasses. Gender is a liquid.

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