Toronto Pride Parade 2007, Part 2 (page 13/24)

[picture: Person]


A person walking past.

[picture: CALM]


Toronto Medical Marijuana
Cannibis As Living Medicine [more...]

[picture: Calm Man 1]

Calm Man 1

A bearded man with a shirt: [more...]

[picture: Calm man 2]

Calm man 2

A closer view.

[picture: Police bicyclist]

Police bicyclist

The Toronto police ask for volunteers from their staff to police the parade, so they get people who genuinely want to be there.

[picture: Straight but not narrow]

Straight but not narrow

The person in the foreground at left carries a decorative umbrealla and wears a shirt saying “Straight not narrow.” and with a logo, “Ladybug.” THis float is an advert for a florist, I think. [more...]

[picture: Ladybug stole their clothes!]

Ladybug stole their clothes!

Behind the float are some scantily-clad people carrying umbrellas and flowers.

[picture: ladybug smile]

ladybug smile

The florist smiled at me.

[picture: He wore an apron]

He wore an apron

A florist wearing little more than an apron, carrying a single green plant (I think). Behind, some leather-folk.

[picture: Leather Pride 1]

Leather Pride 1

The man carries a Leather (BDSM) flag; he wears a leather harness, and that’s a dangerous smile! Behind him a man with a black leather flogger carries a flag saying MLT (Mr. Leatherman Toronto). Another carries the red-and-white maple leaf flag of Canada. A man in the left foeground with many necklaces, nipple [...] [more...]

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