Toronto Pride Parade 2007, Part 2 (page 14/24)

[picture: Leather Pride 2]

Leather Pride 2

Mr. Leather.

[picture: Leather Pride 3]

Leather Pride 3

Showing the whole man and his flag.

[picture: Leather Pride 4]

Leather Pride 4

More people marching to remind us of the Leather or BDSM orientation.

[picture: Steve Martin, Mr. Leatherman]

Steve Martin, Mr. Leatherman

Eli, David Kraft, and of course Steve Martin himself, Mr. Leatherman Toronto!

[picture: Leather Pride 5]

Leather Pride 5

Various leatherfolk, most of whom are topless. One (towards the right) wears a chain-mail loin-cloth and has a leather collar; another is being led on a leash. [more...]

[picture: Leather Pride 6]

Leather Pride 6

A leatherman with a smile.

[picture: A gay leather couple]

A gay leather couple

With smiles and beards, perhaps they identify as bears.

[picture: British Leather 1]

British Leather 1

A man shaved bald (all over, I suspect) carries the Union Flag (often called the Union Jack) of the United Kingdom of Great britain and Northern Ireland; he wears a metal loin-cloth, jock-strap or (more likely) [...] [more...]

[picture: British Leather 2]

British Leather 2

British leatherman waves his flag.

[picture: Swiss Leather]

Swiss Leather

The red addition sign is the Swiss flag; the man here has one arm raised. He has a nipple-ring and wears very little.

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