Toronto Pride Parade 2007, Part 2 (page 17/24)

[picture: Leather Dom]

Leather Dom

A leatherman with a flogger in his hand, a leather harness and hip-pouch, and chaps leaving his bottom bare. He also wears a spiked leather collar. [more...]

[picture: Downtown Soccer Toronto]

Downtown Soccer Toronto

These football (US: soccer) players have a giant football, and also carry various banners: [more...]

[picture: Football Players]

Football Players

Various football/soccer players. One of them has an uncovered stomach with “Fat with PRIDE” written on it; another is shirtless and has written on his chest “TIPC” along with a tattoo of paw-prints. [more...]

[picture: Queer Soccer Hooligan]

Queer Soccer Hooligan

He is shirtless and has writing on him. He wears shorts and football [soccer] socks, and carries a water pistol [super-soaker].

[picture: O'Grady's]


A man wearing an O’Grady’s soccer shirt.

[picture: Gay rugby players pose for a photograph]

Gay rugby players pose for a photograph

The queer rugby players stopped to be photographed.

[picture: Giant football]

Giant football

A giant soccer ball.

[picture: Queer Rugby Players 1]

Queer Rugby Players 1

Muddy Yourself!

[picture: Queer Rugby Players 2]

Queer Rugby Players 2

Muddy York Rugby Football Club says it’s Toronto’s first gay rugby club.

[picture: Rugby Pass]

Rugby Pass

Actually in the game of rugby you can only pass backwards.

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