Toronto Pride Parade 2007, Part 2 (page 2/24)

[picture: Toronto Human Society van.]

Toronto Human Society van.

Toronto Humane Society with their van.

[picture: Singing Out]

Singing Out

I couldn’t read the banner. Some of the marchers appear male, but the word “Lesbian” is clearly visible; the shirts sah “chorus” on them.

[picture: Ready to be Singing Out]

Ready to be Singing Out

A member of the chorus.

[picture: Another singer]

Another singer

A member of the chorus.

[picture: Another singer]

Another singer

A member of the chorus.

[picture: Toronto Bisexual Network]

Toronto Bisexual Network

Toronto Bisexual Network, TBN, waving the Flag of Pride, the Queer symbol that reminds us we do not need to be ashamed of who or what we are. SOme of the TBN marchers each carried a giant capital “B” with [...] [more...]

[picture: Fags Hate God]

Fags Hate God

This person was marching with Toronto Bisexual Network (TBN) wearing a tee-shirt that said “Fags hate God: Limp Wrist.” This is of course a play on the Christian Right venom, “God hates Fags” but it’s nice to know it’s mutual. This girl is showing her hatred with a huge smile. Her friend [...] [more...]

[picture: TBN Marcher]

TBN Marcher

If you’re ever lost of confused, just carry a large letter “B” and everyone will know you’re bisexual. Especially if you have angel wings made from balloons. [more...]

[picture: More TBN marchers]

More TBN marchers

When we say “bisexuals of colour” we don’t just mean pink and blue, I’m pleased to be able to say. There’s turquoise too. I like that the man is carrying pink and the girl has blue. As a child I [...] [more...]

[picture: A bi walked by`]

A bi walked by‘

Carrying a big “B;; and wearing furry pink tentacles.

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