Toronto Pride Parade 2007, Part 2 (page 22/24)

[picture: Blue-capped man 2]

Blue-capped man 2

A closer view

[picture: Man with sunglasses]

Man with sunglasses

A man with dark glasses and a “life” tee-shirt following the Xtra! float.

[picture: Dykes on Bikes?]

Dykes on Bikes?

I can’t read the banner, sorry.

[picture: Angels Gather Here 1]

Angels Gather Here 1

One of the more interesting wheelchair user costumes I’ve seen, albeit not a very sharply focussed picture.

[picture: Angels Gather Here 2]

Angels Gather Here 2

A closer view of this cheerful lady

[picture: Police cyclists]

Police cyclists

Police on bicycles.

[picture: Police cyclist]

Police cyclist

This policeman has a bright green necklace.

[picture: Police cyclists]

Police cyclists

Gay police.

[picture: Police cyclist 1]

Police cyclist 1

With necklaces.

[picture: Police cyclist 2]

Police cyclist 2

With half a smile!

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