Toronto Pride Parade 2007, Part 2 (page 23/24)

[picture: Police cyclist 3]

Police cyclist 3

Another shot of this clearly openly-gay police cyclist.

[picture: Police car]

Police car

The police want to be seen as queer-positive, although unfortunately they don’t entirely have that image within the queer community, not least because of unfortunate events at a bath-house. [more...]

[picture: Police scooter]

Police scooter

A policeman on a motorbike.

[picture: City of Toronto]

City of Toronto

A car or van with the City of TOronto logo on the side.

[picture: The volunteers]

The volunteers

The Pride volunteers close the Parade, followed of course by the crowd.

[picture: Post-parade crowd 1]

Post-parade crowd 1

The end of the Pride Parade

[picture: Post-parade crowd 2]

Post-parade crowd 2

The end of the Pride Parade

[picture: shirtless man with beads]

shirtless man with beads

He looks like he was giving out flyers. And he has interesting tattoos.

[picture: More skin]

More skin

people in the post-Parade crowd.

[picture: Rose-tinted glasses]

Rose-tinted glasses

You didn’t need tinted glasses to make the parade look good.

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