Toronto Pride Parade 2007, Part 2 (page 7/24)

[picture: Pushing can be hard work]

Pushing can be hard work

A dedicated slave here perhaps?

[picture: Pushing the Wheel]

Pushing the Wheel

Another picture of two scantily-clad women in fetish gear (and topless).

[picture: HOLA]


A lost Hola dancer or two, perhaps.

[picture: Good-looking Hola dancer]

Good-looking Hola dancer

With a moustache and a baseball cap.

[picture: Latin American Costume]

Latin American Costume

Maybe it’s a gay Aztec God?

[picture: Latin American Costumes]

Latin American Costumes

Pretty amazing costumes.

[picture: Costumed dancer]

Costumed dancer

It must have been really hot and difficult to dance wearing all that, but I think it surely must have been worth it!

[picture: Wheel Women being photographed]

Wheel Women being photographed

The photographer liked the almost-naked women; this is a photograph taken after they had passed the place where I was standing, of course.

[picture: Costumed dancers]

Costumed dancers

The Latin American dancers again.

[picture: Smiling dancer]

Smiling dancer

A great smile! I wonder if that’s all solid gold?

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