Toronto Pride Parade 2007, Part 2 (page 8/24)

[picture: Yellow dancer 1]

Yellow dancer 1

I think this one is female-bodied, if it’s important. The banner mentions the word “Hispanic” but I can’t read the rest of it until later. [more...]

[picture: Yellow dancer 2]

Yellow dancer 2

With a brightly-coloured thing.

[picture: Happy dancer]

Happy dancer

A wonderful smile visible beneath the sun-mask.

[picture: Hispanic Develpment Council]

Hispanic Develpment Council

Consejo de Desarrollo Hispano [more...]

[picture: Protect Refugee Rights]

Protect Refugee Rights


[picture: Prevention of El Sid]

Prevention of El Sid

Maybe someone can help me translate this banner into English so I can better appreciate the marchers. I am guessing that VIH and SIDA are HIV and AIDS, respectively. [more...]

[picture: Hispanic dancer]

Hispanic dancer

Smiling, but slightly out of focus.

[picture: Trojan float]

Trojan float

The Trojan Condom people. Although it’s commercial, it’s important to get the message out that condoms help prevent the spread of disease, including of course AIDS, despite the Roman Catholic lies saying the opposite. [more...]

[picture: A trojan dancer]

A trojan dancer

I think he’s supposed to be wearing a rather reveling toga. He’s barefoot too.

[picture: Trojan Feet]

Trojan Feet

See, no shoes! If socks are condoms for the feet, what does that make shoes? No wonder they smell bad after... er, OK, enough of this.

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