Toronto Pride Parade 2007, Part 2 (page 9/24)

[picture: Trojan's other foot]

Trojan’s other foot

It’s a naked foot!

[picture: Laurel wreath]

Laurel wreath

If those are laurel leaves I’m a faggot. Hmm, well, I am but they’re not.

[picture: Trojan dancer claps his hands]

Trojan dancer claps his hands

He’s happy. He’s a young ancient Greek. He’s Gay. It doesn’t get better than that.

[picture: Trojan dancer again]

Trojan dancer again


[picture: LGBT Refugee need canada's protection]

LGBT Refugee need canada’s protection

A good friend of our, of my husband and I, was in Canada as a refugee and was deported back to a country where being transsexual can carry, in effect, a death penalty, where there were [...]in a police cell. Luckily our friend is back in Canada, but she spent a year in fear of her life, and then of cuorse had to pay back the full-fare airline ticket that Canada Immigration bought to send her away. So we have almost-personal experience about Canada’s treatment of refugees, and we know it’s not always good. [more...]

[picture: Refugee Hair]

Refugee Hair

Helping refugees by growing unusual hair.

[picture: Man, what a hangover]

Man, what a hangover

if dressing up will help draw attention to discrimination, let’s all do it!

[picture: Happiness]


A big smile from behind sunglasses. A man with no shirt and lots of joy.

[picture: Red shirt, Red Hair]

Red shirt, Red Hair

And a happy face!

[picture: Big grin!]

Big grin!

Out of focus though, I’m really sorry.

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