Liam's BitchX IRC Reference

BitchX: Miscellaneous Commands

Commands that didn't fit into the other categories.

/ undocumented
/# Use this to introduce a comment in a script;there is no need for a leading /
/: Use this to introduce a comment;most people use # instead.
/AWAY Usage: /away [reason]- Sets you away for [reason]
/BACK - Sets you back from being away
- Displays or changes what you want logged in your lastlog. This is a comma separated list
/BEEP Usage: /beep- Creates a beep noiseNote: This is not possible if beep_on_messages is set off, *grin*
/BHELP <help|index|other>
- Externel help command for use with ~/.BitchX/
/BIND - Command to bind a key to a function
/BYE Usage: /bye- Quits IRC
/CD Usage: /cd <dir>- Changes current directory to <dir>
/CLEARTAB Usage: /cleartab- Clears the nicks in the tabkey list
/DIGRAPH Usage: /digraph- Shows Digraph table
/DUMP Usage: /dump <type>- Dumps <type> to screen<type>:Alias All Bind File On Var
/HISTORY Usage: /history- Shows recently typed commands
/NOTE an obsolete message system; use MemoServ instead.
/RBIND - Removes a key binding
/READLOG Usage: /readlog- Displays current away log
/REMLOG Usage: /remlog- Removes logfile