Liam's BitchX IRC Reference

BitchX: Screen and Windows

/CLEAR - Clears the screen
/ECHO <text>
- Echos text to the screen
/LASTLOG Usage: /lastlog -file filename|-clear|-max #|-liternal pat|-beep|level- Shows more than a few pages back
/LKW Usage: /lkw [channel]- Leave the current channel, killing the window in current channel or[channel] aswell
/PASTE - Usage: /paste <num|range> [-win #] [nick|#chan]- Pastes <num|range> of scrollback buffer from [-win #] to [nick|#chan] in ansi- /paste 5 will paste line 5 of your scrollback- /paste 1-8 will paste lines 1 through 8 of your scrollback- Related Format: FORMAT_PASTE- Related Hook: paste
/READLOG Usage: /readlog- Displays current away log
/REINIT - Reinitializes internal variables
/REINITSTAT - Reinitializes window variables
/RESET Usage: /reset- Fixes flashed terminals
/SWATCH - Display or Modify what messages you want to see from the server
/WINDOW [window shortcuts]:^W- - Shrinks current window 1 line ^W+ - Grows current window 1 line^Wm - Moves current window down 1 line^Wl - Lists current windows^Wk - Kills current window^Wh - Hides current window^Wb - Balances window sizes^Wn - Swaps to next window^Wp - Swaps to previous window /# - Shows window number (1-4)
/WSET Set things that affect the current window; see also /CSET