Liam's BitchX IRC Reference

BitchX: Interacting with the IRC Server

Commands to control the IRC server (e.g. to make it stop running), to connect with a different server, and so on. Watch that repeated use of some of these commands (especially /LLOOK) can get you automatically banned from some networks such as EFnet!

/ADMIN Usage: /admin [server]- Shows the iRC Administration information on current server or [server]
/CONNECT Usage: /connect <server1> <port> [server2]* Requires irc operator status- Connect <server1> to <port> from current server or [server2]
/DATE Usage: /date- Shows current time and date from current server
/DIE Usage: /die* Requires irc operator status- Kills the IRC server you are on
/DISCONNECT Usage: /disconnect- Disconnects you from the current server
/EVALSERVER Usage: /evalserver <refnum> <command>- Sends command to reference numbered server
/FLUSH Usage: /flush- Flushes all iRC server output
/HASH Server command
/LINKS Usage: /links- Shows servers and links to other servers
/LLOOK Usage: /llook* Requires set LLOOK ON- Lists all the servers which are current split from the IRC network
/LUSERS Usage: /lusers- Shows stats on current server
/MAP - Displays a map of the current servers
/MOTD Usage: /motd [server]- Shows MOTD on current server [server]
/OSTAT Usage: /ostat- A list of server statistics shown. They include:Bot Alarms Client Exits Client Floods Fake ModesHigh Traffic Invalid User New K: Lines Nick CollisionsNormal Traffic Oper Kills Oper Requests Possible BotsServer Rehash Stats Requests Total Clients UnAuth
/QUOTE Usage: /quote <command>- Sends raw commands to the server
/RECONNECT Usage: /reconnect- Reconnects you to current server
/REHASH Usage: /rehash* Requires irc operator status- Rehashs ircd.conf for new configuration
/RESTART * Requires irc operator status
- Restarts server
/RMAP - Sends out a /map command to the server
/RPING a new kind of ping
/SENDLINE same as /SEND and /SAY, sends a message to the current channel
/SERVER Usage: /server <server>- Changes to <server>
/SERVLIST - Unknown server command
/SHOWSPLIT Usage: /showsplit- See current splits
/SPING Usage: /sping <server>- Checks how lagged it is to <server>
/SQUERY Appears not to exist
/SQUIT Usage: /squit <server1> [server2]* Requires irc operator status- Disconnects <server1> from current server or [server2]
/STATS shows various server stats; e.g./stats ushows the uptime, the time since the server was last started, and/stats u utopia.*shows how long a server called utopia has been up.
/SWALLOP this seems not to work
/TIME Usage: /time- Shows time and date of current server
/VERSION Usage: /version- Shows client, script and server versions
/WHOLEFT Usage: /wholeft- Display who split away after a netsplit