Liam's BitchX IRC Reference

BitchX: Twilight Zone

I think this lets BitchX act as a mini-IRC server all by itself, but only for other BitchX users.

/CBOOT <nick> [reason]
- Kicks a <nick> off the TwilightZone with [reason]
/CMSG Usage: /cmsg <nick> <text>- While in the TwilightZone, a privat message will be sent to <nick> with<text>
/CSAY Usage: /csay <text>- While in the TwilightZone, and being the hub of the DCC Chats, <text>will be sent out to all users on the Chat network
/CTOGGLE toggle the X-link commands, whatever they are.Probably the twilight zone stuff.
/CWHO Usage: /cwho- Lists the clients and bots connected to the TwilightZone
/CWHOM Usage: /cwhom- Sorry, no help is available for this command yet