In addition to the freely available fonts listed here, you might also want to try a seatch at for runes. David Nalle also has some "Viking" fonts at The Scriptorium.

elder futhark

Elder Futhark Runes

Jehana Silverwing has a page that gives a lot of good information, including Jef Powell's freeware futhark TrueType font, mirrored here. If you use this, put the TrueType font in a file called elder4.ttf and you can use this fonts.scale file.

Sean M. Engard has collected several more fonts, mirrored here.

The World of the Vikings: Runes is a wonderful resource with links to many more fonts, including a Gullskoen one available in PostScript, mirrored here.

The Scriptorium also has some runic fonts, mostly in their Viking Fonts section I think.

John Ross of Cumberland Games has his Temphis set of rune fonts intend for use in games, and costing about US$7 or so.