Extracts from Old Books


Some entries from some old dictionaries that I own.

English Language

Nathan Bailey's 1721 Dictionary of English Proverbs (in HTML)

Nathan Bailey's Universal Etymological Dictionary (1736)

Same in SGML (this was set up for SoftQuad Panorama back when that product existed and I worked on it)

18th Century Political Dictionary

Pigott's Political Dictionary (HTML) (Pigott; I incorrectly had Pigott or Piggot or Piggott in some places before, sorry!)

Baileys' dictionary of canting and theiving slang from the 17th century.

Bailey's 1721 Dictionary of Proverbs

Francis Grose's Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, as later expanded by other editors in 1811.


Chalmers' 1817 Biographical Dictionary


Kent's 1718 Grammar of Heraldry, transcribed into HTML with illustrations.