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March 2003: Miscellaneous Pictures (page 8/9)

[picture: Burning candles 2]

Burning candles 2

Three burning candles.

[picture: Burning candles 3]

Burning candles 3

A closer view and a better shot of the glow, but out of focus. It could be combined with the first one, though, to good effect.

[picture: Two lit candles]

Two lit candles

Close-up of two candles.

[picture: Three lit candles]

Three lit candles

Plus a reflection

[picture: Two lit candles]

Two lit candles

A better shot of two burning candles, although you can only see the flame from the further one.

[picture: Candle]


A close-up of a lit candle, showing the flame and the wick and the glow of the translucent wax.

[picture: Candle 2]

Candle 2

With different camera settings.

[picture: Candle 3]

Candle 3

With more ambient lighting

[picture: Pericles the Cat]

Pericles the Cat

Pericles was (is) a cat that our neighbour, Susan Gapka, adopted from an animal shelter.

[picture: Dustbin]


A trash can, or garbage can, and a recycling box, in our back yard from when we lived in Toronto.

[picture: Dustbin 2]

Dustbin 2

Another view

[picture: Church Street at Maitland]

Church Street at Maitland

The heart of the Gay Village

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