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Bottles and Model Trains (page 1/12)


Title: Bottles and Model Trains

Author: Liam Quin

Total items: 106

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[picture: Old china doll's head 2]

Old china doll’s head 2

Another view of the old china doll’s head. [$]

[picture: Blue glass in Sunlight]

Blue glass in Sunlight

More old bottles with the light shining through them.

(title amended, should be Sunlight, not sinlight!) [$]

[picture: John Leland's Itinerary]

John Leland’s Itinerary

The spines of a set of old leather books. [$]

[picture: Clarke's Blood Mixture]

Clarke’s Blood Mixture

It cured everything. My mother and I dug this bottle up out of the ground with its label intact. [more...] [$]

[picture: Collection of old bottles 2]

Collection of old bottles 2

Fron a different angle. [$]

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