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A Trip to New York (page 8/10)

[picture: Internet-enabled Sock]

Internet-enabled Sock

Philippe Le Hegaret was wearing these socks for the W3C@10 celebration I think. They say, in French, put it on the Web.

[picture: Blurry Meeting]

Blurry Meeting

If the picture is blurred I don’t need model permissions, right?

[picture: W3C Meeting]

W3C Meeting

A public meeting, I believe.

[picture: texture: marble]

texture: marble

Brown veined marble.

[picture: texture: white marble]

texture: white marble

White marble with brown veins.

[picture: Old-fashioned telephone]

Old-fashioned telephone

Actually it has push-buttons, but it is in an old style, and was in the lobby I think at the Sheraton in New York.

[picture: New York Traffic Signal]

New York Traffic Signal

A traffic light hangs in the air with a skyscraper visible behind it.

[picture: Tall tower]

Tall tower

I am not sure if the bottom was curved or if it’s lens distortion.

[picture: Richard Ishida Looking Up]

Richard Ishida Looking Up

Richard leads the Internationalisation Activity at the World Wide Web Consortium, but he also takes some interesting pictures.

[picture: Steven Pemberton Looks Up]

Steven Pemberton Looks Up

Steven has a smaller camera than Richard.

[picture: Tall Tower 2]

Tall Tower 2

OK, it’s curved.

[picture: Skyscrapers in New York]

Skyscrapers in New York

Looking up at them from the street.

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