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May 2004, Prince Edward County and Toronto (page 6/7)

[picture: In the Barn 2]

In the Barn 2

Another shot looking in to the barn.

[picture: Lantern]


A small lantern, or lanthorn, outside a door, fastened to a brick wall.

[picture: Turtle]


We found a turtle by the side of the road.

[picture: Turtle 2]

Turtle 2

This turtle looked like it might get driven on by cars and squashed, so we moved it.

[picture: Turtle 3]

Turtle 3

Slightly closer.

[picture: Purple flowers]

Purple flowers

Very purple. And slightly pink.

[picture: Blurry hexagonal floor]
[picture: Cast Iron Radiator]

Cast Iron Radiator

A Victorian radiator with beautiful decoration.

[picture: Back Deck of a House]

Back Deck of a House

A brick house that (as I recall) needed some work.

[picture: Window with plant]

Window with plant

And a radiator too. And lots of sunlight, through this dormer window.

[picture: Window with plant 2]

Window with plant 2

A closer look.

[picture: House for Sale]

House for Sale

Looking at another house.

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