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UK Holiday 8: Cornwall: Restormel Castle, Cornwall (page 1/8)

Title: UK Holiday 8: Cornwall: Restormel Castle, Cornwall

Author: Liam Quin

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I had wanted to stop at the village of Lostwithiel, or Lostwythiel, to see Restormel Castle. I have a couple of old pictures of Restormel Castle and wanted to see how much it had changed. We stopped off at a small village on the way to photograph what might or might not be the remains of an Anglo-Saxon or Celtic cross or marker, but when we got to the castle it was raining, and Clyde decided to wait for me in the car. He hates rain. Me, I padded off on bare and eager feet to explore.

Testormel Castle is now owned by English Heritage.

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[picture: Restormel Castle 19: Barred Doorway]
[picture: Restormel Castle 46: Looking up]
[picture: Restormel Castle 32: looking out of the main gate]
[picture: Standing stone 3]
[picture: Restormel Castle 42: Bitten-off Wall]

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