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UK Holiday 11: Cornwall 5: St Ives (page 1/10)

Title: UK Holiday 11: Cornwall 5: St Ives

Author: Liam Quin

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Clyde and I drove (well, I drove) to St Ives. It’s a much more beautiful town than my pictures suggest, although you need to park outside and take the bus, because driving in St Ives will give American visitors nightmares, as you’ll see.

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[picture: St Ives Roofs]
[picture: Barbara Hepworth Musem & Sculpture Gallery 18:Plants with round stone]
[picture: St Ives Beach 3]
[picture: Parish Church 3: Niche]
[picture: Barbara Hepworth Musem & Sculpture Gallery 9: item 18]

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Cornwall ยทSt Ives

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