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Last Day in Cornwall, and going home to Canada (page 5/8)

[picture: brick wall]

brick wall

For use as a stock image or a texture

[picture: brick wall 2]

brick wall 2

Another view.

[picture: Egerton Road]

Egerton Road

The name of a street

[picture: Path through the grass]

Path through the grass

A path in someone’s lawn.

[picture: Finial]


A stone finial on a balcony.

[picture: Elaborate stone entrance]

Elaborate stone entrance

A stone porch suppotted by columns. The building is a National Westminster Bank, although judging by the sigil in the diamond half-way up the porch it was originally... er... a masonic temple perhaps? [more...]

[picture: cobweb-covered gargoyle]

cobweb-covered gargoyle

An ancient carved stone head green with moss and covered with cobwebs. All very halloween.

[picture: copweb-covered gargoyle 2]
[picture: Iron gates]

Iron gates

Padlocked gates with stone pillars either side of them.

[picture: Star of David]

Star of David

A star cast into a stone gatepost.

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