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Brisbane in January (page 2/7)

[picture: Snow on the tree]

Snow on the tree

A decorated tree on our porch in Toronto had snow on it. Winter in the city in Canada. Well, in Ontario.

[picture: Snow in the road]

Snow in the road

Our road (Lauder Ave., at the time) in Toronto at night, with the snow.

[picture: Mars 1]

Mars 1

Mars, the new Abyssinian cat, in his cat-box. He loves his catbox.

[picture: Mars 2]

Mars 2

With different lighting, a more natural cast.

[picture: Mars 3]

Mars 3

He turned his head!

[picture: Mars 4: Intent gaze]

Mars 4: Intent gaze

He’s staring.

[picture: Rambutan Fruit 1]

Rambutan Fruit 1

A rambutan fruit, opened, showing both the red tentacles on the outside and the lychee-like inside.

[picture: Rambutan Fruit 2]

Rambutan Fruit 2

A closer look at this alien fruit.

[picture: Rambutan Fruit 3]

Rambutan Fruit 3

A closer look at this alien fruit.

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