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2006 UK holiday 1 - Isle of Skye (page 2/10)

[picture: Athol Moon]

Athol Moon

The moon, the day before we left for Scotland. Taken with a long exposure.

[picture: Propeller]


The engine of the ’plane we floew on from Kingston, Ontario (YGK) to Toronto (YYZ).

[picture: Perth Station]

Perth Station

Perth railway station from a passing train. I know someone who lived in Perth, Ontario, and someone else in Perth, Australia, so here is Perth, Scotland. [more...]

[picture: View from B and B]

View from B and B

On our first night in the UK we stayed in a gay-owned and gay-positive, gay-friendly B&B near Inverness called Kinneskie House. The people were friendly, and for us the only downside [...] [more...]

[picture: View from B and B: 2]

View from B and B: 2

Another view from the bed and breakfast, Kinneskie House.

[picture: Waterfall]


We drove over to the Isle of Skye, and then drove round it. This waterfall is I think between Broadford and Portree, and as you can see in the next image is fairly large. [more...]

[picture: Waterfall 2]

Waterfall 2

A cliché, a waterfall with a girl watching it.

[picture: Waterfall 3]

Waterfall 3

A cliché, a waterfall with a girl watching it. [more...]

[picture: Bridge]


And did I mention that there’s a mountain in the background, and rocks, and probably some sheep?

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