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[picture: Reuben and Aster]

Reuben and Aster

Reuben is the black dog and Aster is the orange and white cat.

[picture: Roswell the Cat]

Roswell the Cat

Not a good background, but it’s the first photograph I have of her. She is a Cornish Rex.

[picture: Aster]


Aster could be short for Asteroid or for Disaster. We’re not sure.

[picture: Aster Askance]

Aster Askance

Aster turned her head. She is a Cornish Rex, if you are wondering.

[picture: Aster again]

Aster again

Another shot.

[picture: Itch itch itch]

Itch itch itch

Roswell scratches herself into a blur. The pink thing on the floor is a toy we fgot for Reuben the dog when we first got him.

[picture: Birdhouse]


A bird-box that Clyde made. Seconds before there were some birds sitting on it.

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