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San Jose trip, plus Vancouver Airport (page 2/7)

[picture: Stanford Campus: the avenue]

Stanford Campus: the avenue

This image of the entrance to the avenue of trees on the Stanford University campus is greatly improved if you use Coulours/Levels/Auto, or Stretch Contrast. [...] [more...]

[picture: Stanford Campus: the avenue: 2]

Stanford Campus: the avenue: 2

My camera wasn’t up the shot I was trying to make, especially since I couldn’t adjust any of the settings.

[picture: Stanford Woods]

Stanford Woods

This is a multi-image picture (a panorama if you like) of the woods by the entrance to the avenue of trees.

[picture: Stanford Campus: the avenue: 3]

Stanford Campus: the avenue: 3

Further down the avenue of palm trees. If you correct the contrast on this image you actually get something worth looking at.

[picture: Campus courtyard]

Campus courtyard

The Stanford campus has a form of architecture that seems to a mix between the south-West USA, Mexico, and the Mediterranean.

[picture: Looking at the chapel]

Looking at the chapel

The building with the cross on it, behind the wall with the arches in it, is the Stanford University chapel.

[picture: Stanford University Chapel]

Stanford University Chapel

A religious building, complete with a cross and a mural and lots of decoration. This is a mult-shot panorama; I think there were 22 photographs used to make this picture. [more...]

[picture: Parked plane]

Parked plane

An aeroplane [US: airplane] at San Francisck airport (SFO).

[picture: Parked plane, fuzzy mode]

Parked plane, fuzzy mode

I kept this picture because it would be useful as a background image where you wanted to emphasise the foreground.

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