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San Jose trip, plus Vancouver Airport (page 7/7)

[picture: We closed the swimming-pool 2]

We closed the swimming-pool 2

Here is our pool after weighing down the cover with rocks.

[picture: Dog at the top of the stairs]

Dog at the top of the stairs

The dog (Reuben) has his ears raised and looks at me.

[picture: Doggy Icon]

Doggy Icon

A little icon or avatar picture made from the dog at the top of the stairs in the previous picture.

[picture: Roswell on my lap]

Roswell on my lap

She jumped into my lap, much to my surprise (and alarm). So of course I did what any other self-respecting man would do, and photographed her.

[picture: Roswell on my lap 2]

Roswell on my lap 2

A closer view (of the cat). She has very short fur and big ears.

[picture: Roswell on my lap 3]

Roswell on my lap 3

you can almost hear her purr.

[picture: Roswell on my lap 4]

Roswell on my lap 4

Last one. Honest.

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