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Home in Prince Edward County, and visiting Toronto (page 1/4)

Title: Home in Prince Edward County, and visiting Toronto

Author: Quin, Liam R. E.

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Clyde helped me buy a new camera as a Christmas present; I got a Canon Digital Rebel 400D XTi. Having a more expensive camera doesn’t make me a better photographer, but it’s a lot of fun exploring the camera and learning to be a better photographer.

I have marked these pictures as for non-commercial use only; they aren’t really intended as stock images, although if you want to use the that way it’s fine. Just link back to the individual images you use, and let me know. For commercial use I’m OK with derivatives, go crazy, but don’t just redistribute them or reprint them as they are.

These are the raw photos, except that they have been scaled down. In many case using Colours/Levels/Auto (in the GIMP) or Curves/Auto in Photoshop will make a considerable improvement.

Original ten megapixel images on request.

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Some sample images

[picture: ]
[picture: Winter Tree]
[picture: Snow in the Garden 1]
[picture: Goods train 1]
[picture: Path to the Gallery 2]
[picture: Governmnent Building]

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Athol ·Belleville ·none ·Ontario ·Prince Edward County ·Toronto

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