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Various pictures from August (page 1/4)

Title: Various pictures from August

Author: Quin, Liam R. E.

Date: 2007

Total items: 25

A picture of a cathedral in Montréal; Belleville railway station, some pictures of old books, and my office.

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[picture: ]
[picture: Engine seen through the waiting room window 1]
[picture: Liam's Untidy Office N]
[picture: Roman catholic cathedral in Montreal 2]
[picture: Engine seen through the waiting room window 2]
[picture: Canadian Flag Reflected 4]

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arches books buildings captions cathedrals cities cityscapes clouds colour flags interiors offices pictures of books railways reflections signs stations studies towers trains transport windows

Places shown:

Athol ·Belleville ·Montréal ·none ·Ontario ·Ontatio ·Prince Edward County ·Quebec ·Toronto

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