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Invisible Helicopter Landing Amongst the Trees (page 2/4)

[picture: Our house 1]

Our house 1

Seen from behind.

[picture: Our house 2]

Our house 2

With a bit of the art gallery building on the right.

[picture: Our house 3]

Our house 3

With the art gallery building but not so level.

[picture: Row of trees on the ridge]

Row of trees on the ridge

I was hoping for better lighting.

[picture: Thorn bush 1]

Thorn bush 1

In one of our fields.

[picture: Thorn bush 2]

Thorn bush 2

With more “bokeh” as they say.

[picture: Thorn bush 3]

Thorn bush 3

The best of the three I think.

[picture: Trees]


I want to photograph this row of trees in the mist!

[picture: Green thing]

Green thing

A fir tree

[picture: Trees]


An outtake really.

[picture: Nothing]


Nothing useful in focus.

[picture: Sunset grasses 1]

Sunset grasses 1

The first hint of sunset.

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