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Some tools for calligraphydetails

[Picture: Some tools for calligraphy]
Image title: Some tools for calligraphy
Source: Liam Quin: “Calligraphy by Liam Quin”
Keywords: calligraphy, brushes, pens, colour
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Some tools I use for calligraphy, including some relief pens (dip pens) with steel nibs, an assortment of nibs including some in their original box, a couple of the Windsor & Newton series 7 sable brushes (they’re really good), a craft knife, a craft knife with a swivel blade for cutting curves, two burnishers (all of which have silver-coloured handles and were made by Letraset), some good quality Derwent drawing pencils, some and specialty nibs and pens that can be used with the calligraphy pens.

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Filename: calligraphy-tools-q75-500x359.jpg
Photographer: Liam Quin
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