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Old Pictures (page 1/4)

Title: Old Pictures

Author: Liam

Date: 2005

Total items: 19

Some old photographs that Robert found; they were in Mum’s photograph drawer unsorted. He kindly made copies for me, and I have scanned some of them. Some of them were scratched and dusty; I cleaned up the worst of the scratches, but they are what they are.

If you are not a relative and you would like to use these pictures, please contact Liam at holoweb.net and ask. Thanks!

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Some sample images

[picture: ]
[picture: Liam and Rosemary]
[picture: Mother with Twins]
[picture: 4.---Four Siblings.]
[picture: 8.---Granny Digging For Bottles]
[picture: Parents in Harpenden]

Places shown:

Bedfordshire ·Cheshire ·Haynes ·Hertfordshire ·New Brighton ·St. Ippollitts ·West Kirby

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