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Warwick University: Whitefields 7 in 1983 (page 1/4)

Title: Warwick University: Whitefields 7 in 1983

Author: Various

Date: 2005

Total items: 29

Washy sent me the photographs, and I added the scan of the tee-shirt.

The “various” images were sent to me as four photos per image, so I split them up and improved the contrast a little; the original images are in the orig directory.

Please feel free to send me comments that I can add to the pictures (mention the filename!) or more pictures.

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Some sample images

[picture: ]
[picture: various_whitefields7_folk6_1983-bl.jpg]
[picture: 000-whitefields0007.jpg]
[picture: john_eaton_in_drag_1983.jpg]
[picture: various_whitefields7_folk_1983-br.jpg]
[picture: various_whitefields7_folk3_1983-tr.jpg]

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