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How to use these images

How do I know if I can use an image?

Each image is linked from an HTML page that tells you the copyright status of the image.

If the image is marked public domain you can use it as described below. If it is marked copyright, permission required you must ask permission. If it is marked non-commercial use only you can use it on a not-for-profit or personal Web site or in print, but you must give a usage credit, as I'll explain in a moment.

Images marked Copyright, that don't say you can use them, are owned and you can't have them. You can always ask, though.

How do I get permission?

Send mail to liam at holoweb dot net including picture usage request in the subject. For a prompter reply, mention what colour socks you are wearing. The mail must say where you plan to use the image. I usually don't charge anything if people ask first.

How do I put the image on my Web page?

You can do this in two ways. If the image is no larger than 600 pixels on a side, and is not in a directory called big or pages/anything, you can link to it directly, e.g. with
<img src="http://www.fromoldbooks.org/....jpg" width="500" height="375" alt="[holoweb: Restormel Castle]" title="holoweb: picture of Restormel Castle" />

You must include the alt and src attributes. The title attribute, if given, will typically generate a tooltip over the image, depending on the Web browser used.

You must also give a usage credit.

If the image has any side longer than 500 pixels no matter what size you want it to be in your Web page then you need to copy the image onto your own server and link to it there.

Change the width and height attributes on the <img/> element to the actual size of the image you are using. To make it easier for you, the size is usually repeated in the filename. Do not use height and width attributes to resize an image.

You can get the image URI by deleting /pages from the URI. For example, suppose you want to link to the image of Dr. Dee. Open the page, and you'll see the image. Right-click on this image (depending on your browser) and you'll see it's at:
You can link to this safely.

How do I give a Usage Credit?

If you asked for permission, I'll give you exact wording.

If the images you are using are no more than 500 pixles, and I haven't confiscated your shoes for using too much bandwidth, you can make a usage credit up. Here is a sample:

Picture from Liam Quin's <a href="http://www.holoweb.net/~liam/pictures/oldbooks/LangOnOxford/">Pictures From Old Books</a> Web site.

The usage credit must appear next to or near the picture.

You can also make the image itself be a link back to my Web site if you like; link it to the directory containing the image.

The purpose is to let visitors to your site know you didn't make the image yourself, and to help them find out where you got it.

I already got permission but it stopped working

If you got permission to use images before I put the automatic protection in place, you need to ask me again. Mention the URL and that you asked before and I said yes, to prompt my memory, and don't forget to describe your socks :-). I will give you a code to add to the image URL so that you won't need to ask again.

Can I print the images?

For your own personal use you can print any or all of the images on my Web site. Yes.

If you want to sell prints, or put images into a book you will sell, or use them as stock images in an image you'll sell, you need to ask permission. For stock images I ask people to go barefoot for a day if they can't (or don't want to) pay me. Send mail to liam at holoweb dot net with picture usage request in the subject and mentioning your sock colour in the body (to get past my spam filters - I get hundreds of messages a day).

How can I contribute?

See the contribution page for some ideas.

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