Liam's BitchX IRC Reference

BitchX: File Transfer and DCC

Commands to transfer files between users, and to use DCC, the Direct Client to Client IRC protocol. Beware that using DCC may give the other user your IP address, which may let them try to attack you, if they are unfriendly.

/CDCC Usage: /CDCC <command>- CHANNEL, DESCRIBE, DOFFER, LIST, LOAD, MINSPEED, NOTICEOFFER, PLIST, QUEUE, SAVE, SEND, RESEND, TSEND, TRESENDRESUME, TIMER, NOTE, TYPE, ECHO, STATS, SECUREUsage: /DCC <command>- Bot, Chat, Close, Get, Raw, ReGet, Rename, SendHint: /BHelp CDCC|DCC <command> for more information
/CHAT <Nick>
- Attempts to dcc chat nick
/DC Usage: /dc <nick>- Starts a DCC CHAT to <nick>
/DCA - Kills all dcc connections
/DCC Usage: /dcc <<command> [arguments]>- Bot, Chat, Close, Get, Raw, ReGet, Rename, ReSend, Send<command> switches:auto <on|off> overwrite <on|off>paths <on|off> quiet <on|off>
/DCG Usage: /dcg <nick>- Close a DCC GET from <nick>
/DCS <nick>
- Kills all dcc sends to <nick>
/DCX Usage: /dcx <nick>- Close a DCC CHAT with <nick>
/DME - Usage: /dme <text>- Sends an action to a dcc
/DS - Displays some dcc file transfer stats
/NOCHAT <nick>
- Kills chat reqest from <nick>
/OFFERS Usage: /offers [#channel]- XDCC LISTS the current channel, or #channel