Liam's BitchX IRC Reference

BitchX: Two-Character Commands

Some commands are used very often, and have two-letter commands so you can type them easily. Some of these are better done with NickServ and ChanServ on newer networks, or in some cases with OperServ if you are an IRC operator.

/BK Usage: /bk <nick> [reason]- Deops, bans and kicks <nick> for [reason]
/CD Usage: /cd <dir>- Changes current directory to <dir>
/DC Usage: /dc <nick>- Starts a DCC CHAT to <nick>
/DF Usage: /df- Show disk space usage
/DS - Displays some dcc file transfer stats
/FK Usage: /fk <nick!user@hostname>[reason]- Finds clients matching <nick!user@hostname> and immediately kicksthem from current channel for [reason]
/IG Usage: /ig +|-<nick>- Ignores ALL except crap and public of nick!host matching <nick>
/KB Usage: /kb <nick> [reason]- Deops, kicks and bans <nick> for [reason]
/LK Usage: /lk [reason]- Kicks all non +o people on current channel with [reason]
/LS Usage: /ls [arguments] <file(s)|dir(s)>- Lists current <file(s)|dir(s)> with [arguments]
/MB Usage: /mb- Mass bans everybody on current channel
/MD - Mass deops current channel
/ME Usage: /me <action>- Sends an action to current channel
/MK - Mass kicks current channel
/OP Usage: /op <nick>- Gives <nick> +o
/OV [on|off] [-hide|+hide|hide]
- turns on/off oper view window as well as creating hidden window
/PS Usage: /ps [arguments]- Shows active processes on local machine
/SC show the current channel, rather like /NAMES
/SV [nick|#channel]
Show Client Version information
/UB Usage: /ub [nick]- Removes ban on [nick]Hint: /ub with no arguments removes all bans placed on current channel
/WI Usage: /wi [nick]- Gets /whois information about <nick>
/WW Alias for /WHOWAS