Disbursements of Thomas Earl of Lancaster, in his domestic expences for one whole year, made out by Henry Leicester, his cofferer, 1313, at which time silver was 1s 8 pence the ounce, so that 12 oz made a pound sterling : his total expences 7957 . 12s 4d, being equal in our money to 22 thousand & 78 pounds 17 shillings & 8 pence.

  £ s d
To charge of the pantry + kitchen340500
184 tuns 1 pipe of red or claret wine, & 2 tuns of white wine104176
grocery, 180 17s 0; 6 barrels of sturgeon, 19199170
6800 stockfishes, so called, and for dried fishes of all sorts, as lings, haberdenis etc4167
1714 pounds of wax, vermillion & turpentine31474
2319 pounds of tallow candles for the household, & 1870 of lights for Paris candles, called Perchers31143
charge of the earle's great horses, & servant's wages (generally, 1500 horses)48643
linen for the earle and his chaplains43170
129 dozen of parchment and ink483
2 cloths of scarlet for the earl's use, 1 of russet for the Bishop of Anjou, 70 of blue for the knights, 28 for the esquires, 15 of medley for the clerks, 15 for the officers, 19 for the grooms, 5 for the archers, 4 for the minstrels and carpenters, with the sharing & carridge for the earl's livery at Christmas460150
7 furs of variable miniver or powdered ermine, 7 hoods of purple, 395 furrs of budge for the livereys of barons, knights, & clerks, 123 furrs of lamb, bought at Christmas, for the esqires147178
65 saffron coloured cloths for the barons and knights in summer, 12 red cloths for the clerks, 26 ray cloths for the esquires, 1 for the officers, & 4 ray cloths for carpets in the hall345138
To 100 pieces of green silk for the knights, 14 badge furrs for surcoats, 13 hoods of badge for the clerks, 75 furrs of lamb for the livereys in summer, with canvas and cords to truss them71190
saddles for the lord's summer livereys5168
one saddle for the earl of the prince's arms200
several items (defaced)241141
horses lost in ye service of the earl868
fees paid to earls, barons, kts, and esquires623155
gifts to knights of France, the queen of England's nurses, to the countess of Warren, esquires, minstrels, messengers and riders92140
168 yards of russet cloth, and 24 coats for poor me, with money given to the poor onn Maundy Thursday8167
24 silver dishes, 24 saucers, 24 cups, 1 pair of pater nosters, 1 silver coffer; all bought this year10356
divers messengers about the earl's business34198
sundry things in the earl's chamber500
several old debts paid this year86160
the expences of the countess of Pickering, in the pantry, buttery, kitchen, etc.285134
wine, wax, spices, cloths, furrs &c for the countess's wardrobe15474
Taken from: Portfolio of fragments relative [sic] to the history and antiquities of the county Palatine and Duchy of Lancaster, Matthew Gregson esq., 1817, from a copy owned by Wigan local history reference library, in the reserve collection [I think].

Wheat sold in 1494 at 6s the quarter in London, a remarkably low price
-- Forsyth, J.S. The Antiquary's Portfolio