A Text Retrieval Package for the Unix Operating System

Liam R. E. Quin

SoftQuad Inc. (lee at sq.com)

Note: the author of this paper has moved to liamquin at interlog dot com


The lq-text package is freely available, and hence clearly meets the criterion of low cost given at the start of the Introduction above. The largest database indexed by the author at the time of writing (March 1993) occupies about 100 Megabytes, and it remains to be determined how suitable lq-text is at indexing and searching larger bodies of text, which was the second main goal given in the Introduction. The package does provide fast retrieval, and meets all of the Design Goals given above except for the abilities to unindex and update documents. These last two features are expected in the summer of 1994.

The source for lq-text is available for anonymous ftp from ftp.cs.toronto.edu in /pub. Updates are announced on a mailing list, which you may join by sending lq-text-request at sq.com including your name and mail address. There is also a discussion group for new features and upcoming test releases, which you may ask to join by sending mail to lq-text-beta-request at sq.com explaining your interest.

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