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2008-04: Another trip to Tokyo (page 1/16)


Title: 2008-04: Another trip to Tokyo

Author: Quin, Liam R. E.

Date: 2008

Total items: 169

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[picture: Parked cars]

Parked cars

The Japanese parking meters transform into police-women with machine-guns, so make sure you come back on time! OK, just kidding. I liked the pyramidical window in the background, too. [more...]

[picture: Blossom 2]

Blossom 2

The blossom was nearly over, but there was a little left. This just outside the Celestine hotel.

[picture: Big square 24: Old and New]

Big square 24: Old and New

The coffee shop looks older than much of the rest; big touristy squares always seem to have a certain sleaze factor nearby, though.

[picture: Pink plants]

Pink plants

Flowers by the roadside in the city.

[picture: Hotel corridor 3]

Hotel corridor 3

The best of the three I think.

[picture: Big square 10: crossing the street 1]

Big square 10: crossing the street 1

Lots of people cross at once!

[picture: Skyscraper]


With trees.

[picture: Big square 21]

Big square 21

a taxi and a van, and lots of people.

[picture: Japanese temple 37]

Japanese temple 37

Flowers outside the temple, with the ritual guardian lion in the background.

[picture: Big square 9: Yen shop tree 2]

Big square 9: Yen shop tree 2

Tree and tall tower, juxtaposed in Japan. The JR sign underneath is for the railway line, it’s a station.

[picture: Tree by tall tower]

Tree by tall tower

The NEC building is reflected in the skyscraper here, with the tree in the foreground.

[picture: Japanese temple 8]

Japanese temple 8

In the temple.

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