Liam's Family

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I have also scanned some old photos that Robert found in a drawer after Mum died.

Our cats, Cosmos (left) and Moon (right)
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Ruth Liam Rosemary Robert Ruth Liam Rosemary Robert
Robert (Rob Quin) had a Sound and Lighting and Electrcal Services company in Suffolk (UK).
Father and Mother meet for the first time.
father and mother meet for the first time

jesse amber charity bob mike anna rod susie eric liam rob
Jesse Amber Charity Bob Mike Anna Rod Susie Eric Liam Rob
Laurie, Mary and Mary, with Oboe the dog. This was the first picture I ever saw of Laurie and Barney. You can also see Laurie's Home Page. brothers and mother

Dad outside Annabel's Cottage, where he lives

Auntie Pat, Liam and Dad