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Pictures of Liam (page 2/3)

[picture: Liam Goes to Church]
[picture: Liam using a laptop computer in 1998 or 1999, with a cat (Moon) helping.]
[picture: Liam speaking]

Liam speaking

Liam speaking at GUAD3C 3 in Seville, April 2002;
photograph by docpi reproduced with permission. [more...]

[picture: ]

[picture: Liam in Copenhagen Guadec]

Liam in Copenhagen Guadec

I think the other two people not quite shown are Seth Nicoll (left) and Richard Stallman (right) but I’m not certain.

[picture: Copenhagen Guadec Group Shot]

Copenhagen Guadec Group Shot

Seth, Jamesh, Uraeus, Liam, Pippin, ?, boc?, Roberta, Hadess

[picture: Seth and Liam cross a bridge]

Seth and Liam cross a bridge

Seth, Liam and James crossing a bridge, two of us barefoot.

[picture: Liam looking frustrated at a W3C Team Meeting]

Liam looking frustrated at a W3C Team Meeting

Photo by Richard Ishida, used with permission, although I’ve blurred out the other people in the picture.

[picture: Orange Hat]

Orange Hat

Liam at Extreme Markup, August 2004, used by permission

[picture: Long-haird and Naked]

Long-haird and Naked

This picture is not for the faint of heart.

[picture: Long-haired Liam]

Long-haired Liam

Liam before getting his hair cut, 1999.

[picture: Auntie Pat, Liam and Dad]

Auntie Pat, Liam and Dad

Ms. P M Quin, Liam Quin, Eric Quin, going to a celebration of my father having been a priest for 50 years.

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