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A Day in New Orleans (page 13/19)

[picture: Man on bench 1]

Man on bench 1

I asked if I could photograph him.

[picture: Man on bench 2]

Man on bench 2

With camera shake and a bit of a glower.

[picture: Man on bench 3]

Man on bench 3

The best of the three.

[picture: Andrew Jackson]

Andrew Jackson

A statue of Andrew Jackson on his rearing horse (a mustang), with a quote from when he was president of America, “Our Union: It Must and Shall be Preserved” barely visible on the base. [more...]

[picture: Pere Antoine Alley 1]

Pere Antoine Alley 1

Looking away from Jackson Square and down the side of the cathedral.

[picture: Pere Antoine Alley 2]

Pere Antoine Alley 2

Another shot.

[picture: Cathedral of St. Louois (sign)]

Cathedral of St. Louois (sign)


[picture: Papist Idols]

Papist Idols

Some statues to a roman catholic god of some sort in the cathedral.

[picture: Crozier]


An archbishop’s stick. See next for caption.

[picture: Caption]


The canopeum or umbrellino (umbrella) and tintinnabulum (bell) are symbols of a [papist] church’s rank as a basilica. [more...]

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