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Tokyo (page 8/16)

[picture: Narrow street with male building]

Narrow street with male building

The ceremony is happening in a narrow street; behind it is a giant phallic tower block.

[picture: Mikoshi is Parked]

Mikoshi is Parked

The mikoshi is parked, it rests on its stand.

[picture: Japan Tower]

Japan Tower

At an angle.

[picture: Pushing the drum]

Pushing the drum

The drum is being towed through the street; there are children on the cart, banging the drum.

[picture: Gray-green building]

Gray-green building

Interesting colours and textures on a Japanese building, looking incongruous near the newer towers.

[picture: Procession]


The cart I think carries strips of paper with prayers or possibly fortunes written on them. This procession has women and children in it, not only men. [more...]

[picture: Lady in a procession]

Lady in a procession

A lady wearing (I think) a traditional Japanese costume walks as part of this procession.

[picture: A pause]

A pause

The Japanese policeman is making sure the traffic does not interfere with this procession.

[picture: The cart]

The cart

I don’t yet knnow the name for this cart with its pieces of paper.

[picture: Man and Lady in the procession]

Man and Lady in the procession

Two people wearing costumes are waved on by the policeman.

[picture: A family event]

A family event

There are children in the procession, too.

[picture: The drum approaches]

The drum approaches

The procession passes by. There are several different processions, all on the same day.

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