Extracts from Old Books

About Prices At Various Times

Various extracts from old books in the posession of Liam Quin, dealing with prices of things at various times.

The Fourteenth Century

Disbursements of Thomas Earl of Lancaster, in his domestic expences for one whole year, made out by Henry Leicester, his cofferer, 1313
Taken from Portfolio of fragments relative to the hist. and antiquities of the county Palatine and Duchy of Lancaster, Matthew Gregson esq., 1817, from a copy in Wigan Library local history reserve collection

A table of Provisions with their prices as established by the king's proclamation in 1314, but revoked in 1326;

Prices of Corne Cattle Pultry &c.
Taken from The Lives of the Berkeleyes Vol I, p. 161, s.v. 1321

Revenues of the town of Flint, with the county, as they stood in the 50th year of _Edward_ III.
Pennant, A Tour in Wales, 1779


The Fifteenth Century

A shorte draught of the charge of the buriall of our lord and maister [Henry Percy] earl of Northumberland: who died 28. Apr. 1489., whose soule Jesu pardon.
Taken from Desiderata Curiosa: or, a collection of divers scarce and curious pieces relating chiefly to matters of english histor, by Francis Peck, M.A., Vol I, London, Printed for Thomas Evans in the Strand, 1779

Prices and laws relating thereto in the City of London at various times
Taken from the White Book (the Liber Albus) of London


The Sixteenth Century

An account of the charges of the wedding clothes & marriage dinner of Sir Gervase Clifton & Mary daughter of Sir John Nevile, who were married 17. January 1530. The whole, as set down by Sir John Nevile, the bride's father.
Taken from Peck's Desiderata (op. cit.)

William Mingay, Esq; Mayor of the Citty of Norwich, his Expences for a Dinner, in the which he feasted the Duke of Norfolk, and the Lords, Knights, and Gentry.
Taken from editorial matter in Thomas Hearne's 1794 edition of John Leland's Itinerary.