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Amsterdam, April 2004 (page 6/9)

[picture: Suicidal Bike]

Suicidal Bike

A bike trying to escape?

[picture: Cleft]


Between the tree-trunks.

[picture: Bars with Blossom]

Bars with Blossom

The beauty is on the other side.

[picture: Bars with Blossom 2]

Bars with Blossom 2

The beauty is on the other side.

[picture: Bars with Blossom 3]

Bars with Blossom 3

This one was my favourite I think.

[picture: Amsterdam building]

Amsterdam building

In a side-street.

[picture: Another building]

Another building

At the corner of Roemer Visscher Straat.

[picture: No Cars]

No Cars

Looked like this was becoming pedestrian-only.

[picture: Spain in the Netherlands]

Spain in the Netherlands

A Moorish building marked Spanje.

[picture: Curved Street]

Curved Street

I think this is just behind a big hotel at the West end of the Dam.

[picture: Park and Building]

Park and Building

Amsterdam has parks.

[picture: Park and Building 2]

Park and Building 2

The building is on the other side of the canal, though.

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