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Montreal Part 2 (page 5/8)

[picture: Le Taj menu cover]

Le Taj menu cover

An indian restaurant in Montreal with a flair for design.

[picture: porthole mirror lamp with candle, lit up]
[picture: Chandelier lit up]

Chandelier lit up

Hotel chandelier all lit up brightly.

[picture: Chandelier lit up 2]

Chandelier lit up 2

Hotel chandelier all lit up brightly.

[picture: Side Fountain]

Side Fountain

A spare fountain without a statue in it.

[picture: Blurry Post Box]

Blurry Post Box

Royal Mail. Canada Post. Or both. US: mailbox.

[picture: ceiling grid texture]

ceiling grid texture

A grid hiding a flourescent light.

[picture: stone tile texture]

stone tile texture

With some lens distortion for good measure.

[picture: Playing With Fire]

Playing With Fire

A caption I made for part of a talk.

[picture: Playing with Fire 2]

Playing with Fire 2

Different lighting.

[picture: Blue fish]

Blue fish

A fish in the hotel aquarium.

[picture: Doorway with steps]

Doorway with steps

A double door with an arched window over it and steps leading up to it.

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