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Montreal Part 2 (page 6/8)

[picture: Doorway with steps 2]

Doorway with steps 2

From a slightly different angle.

[picture: Coloured fish]

Coloured fish

Maybe it changed colour, I forget.

[picture: Arch with velvet curtain]

Arch with velvet curtain

A fake entrance in the hotel.

[picture: Arch with velvet curtain 2]

Arch with velvet curtain 2

With different lighting.

[picture: Portable fountain]

Portable fountain

For all your cherub-washing needs.

[picture: Portable fountain 2]

Portable fountain 2

For all your cherub-washing needs.

[picture: Mirror with ornate gold frame]

Mirror with ornate gold frame

A mirror in the corner of a room.

[picture: Statue of white barefooted men playing]

Statue of white barefooted men playing

Actually they might be fighting, I’m not sure. Some are naked, some are barefoot and bare-chested. It’s in downtown Montreal.

[picture: Brick perspective]

Brick perspective

Closeup (macro shot) of a brick wall, with a small depth of focus to make it romantic.

[picture: Lamppost]


A black metal lamppost against the sky.

[picture: Building]


With a bay window.

[picture: Fountain in sunlight]

Fountain in sunlight

There has to be one good photograph in every batch. This is a park in Montreal, with the sunlight bouncing off the fountain and drops spraying everywhere, with the trees all around. [more...]

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