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6.—Grandma and Grandpa at New Brightondetails

[Picture: 6.—Grandma and Grandpa at New Brighton]
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6.—Grandma and Grandpa at New Brighton, in West Kirby, Cheshire, England more

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6.—Grandma and Grandpa at New Brighton

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Grandma and Grandpa (Samuel and Linnet Powell) leaning against the railings at New Brighton. Behind would be the confluence of the (tidal) River Dee and the River Mersey. Someone called Michael wrote to me to say that this was actually New Brighton (I had marked it as West Kirby) and says, The view in fact is of New Brighton. The building on the right is the Fort Perch Rock Battery. This is now open and has a collection of wartime crashed aircraft to see.
The lake is the Marine lake in front of the Palace entertainments.

When I was a child the fort had a huge model railway in it.

Approx. 1970.

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